Working Overtime

I got a call Saturday. It seems that my 6-year-old grandson wanted to know if he could go to the shop with me and clean up the place. He did not want to go to the Carnegie Science Center with mom, his younger sister, aunt and cousin Sunday morning. He said he had been there lots of times and cleaning the shop with Grandpap was what he wanted to do. He can be relentless, as most kids can, until they get what they want. So I got the call asking if I was planning on going in to work on Sunday for any reason. I wasn’t, until the call, then I had the world’s best reason to go to work.

The little guy really likes to work. He gets so excited if he thinks he’s helping. He will hang with dad for hours working on projects around the house or struggle to push the vacuum helping mom. 

He arrives with his lunch box, and a big smile. Mom tells me he wanted 2 P & J sandwiches and 2 drinks because it was a big job and he might need stay for lunch and dinner. We talk for a while as “G” immediately picks up scraps of paper adding to a nearly full garbage can. Minutes later, I was informed that the can needed emptied. The two of us rolled the can to the recycle dumpster which has a higher opening then the regular dumpster. We push with all our might, sliding the can up until we can tilt and empty. After a spontaneous high five he turned to mom who gave him a “thumbs up”. “Grand pap, you couldn’t have emptied that without me, could you?” he asked. “No way, I wouldn’t have even tried” I responded to a euphoric little face. I reached for the handle and was told that he would pull the can up the hill to the door…..and proudly he did.

Next, we decided that the ink mixing area needed our attention. This is sloppy. Offset printing inks have the consistency of peanut butter and you need about 15 “mixing colors” to make all the Pantone colors. I have about 30 open cans and globs of ink on the table. I went to look for an ink knife to use as a scraper and “G” got started without me, with his hands. 


No need to worry, our inks are safe, vegetable oil based. We did need a lot of hand cleaner. We got the area cleaned and the ink cans organized neatly by color. 

Never thought going to work over the weekend, picking up paper, scrapping ink and emptying garbage cans could be so much fun. What a great day.
— Neil