Paper, and other stuff

Well this is my first post. I am new at this, so just going to wing it for now. I love to talk about paper, printing and anything graphics related. My wife says I talk about it too much. I guess I have bored a few customers with grain direction and basis weight rants.  When you have been around printing and paper as long as I have, I guess you can get like that.

I am lucky about a few things. After 37 years and counting, I still like what I do. Secondly, I have handled hundreds of millions of sheets of paper, printing, folding, collating, binding, hole punching, scoring, perforating….and I don’t remember one paper cut!  Now that I said that out loud, I better be extra careful Monday. Last but not least, I still have all ten fingers, a story for another day.

Maybe you will find some helpful or interesting information here. My next article will be about the excuses printers use as to why your job is not done yet. What they say, but what it really means. This is inside stuff.

I will try not to be too boring, I promise. Keep pressing on....Neil